Open Sanctioned Show Registration and Class Lists

Please print and turn in to Arctic Arrow Farm or Show Organizers, Janet Mulder and Amelia Carney as soon as possible! Late fee will be added after September 1st, Show is on September 16th and 17th

Reminder: Schooling Show (August 13th) has no late fee or due date, sign up is on the day of.


Happy New Year!

2014 The year of the Horse,

We are in the year of the Horse which should mean, that this is our year as horse people to enjoy our equine friends even more than we have previous years :) I hope this year will bring us many opportunities for trail rides, clinics and chances to enjoy each other and our horses company.

Last year went by fast with an active summer filled with clinics, we had the opportunity to welcome Steinar Sigurbjörnsson to Alaska for a weekend full of learning in May. In June we had one of our local instructors/trainers Gwen Bogart give a clinic, to our members who again enjoyed a day at the Arctic Arrow Farm and each others great company. We also had the great benefit of having Bill Burke up to see us again, he did two clinics during the summer in the Valley and one down on the Kenai Peninsula, and as always we all enjoyed the great instruction and knowledge shared with us by Bill.

So now as we are a few days in to the year of the horse, it is time we start planning for our upcoming clinic and summer season. So if you are currently a member or just looking AIHA up to see what we are all about, please let me know if there are any activities, clinics, or other fun things you would like to see us do and organize during this coming year, they year of the horse.

Greetings and Safe riding to all of you,