2012 Newsletters

December 2012 Newsletter

In this Issue:


  • Competitive Trail Ride, by Alys Culhane
  • Summer of Iceland, by Emily
  • Off the Grid, by Alys Culhane
  • AIHA Summer Clinics, by Nilla Ekstrom-Rypka
  • Ninilchik Horse Camp, by Miriam
  • Summer Road Trip, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Where We Were, What We’ve Become, by Alys Culhane
  • Tolkien and the Icelandic Horse, by Frances Bundtzen
  • TTouch CELLabration, by Vera Alexander
  • Notes on Vitamins and Supplements, by Robin Near
  • Book Review: Raudi’s Story, by Fran Bundtzen

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May 2012 Newsletter

May 2012 Newsletter CollageIn this Issue:

  • News and Events
  • AIHA Board of Directors
  • Getting Ready for a Summer of Great Riding, by Nilla Ekstrom-Rypka
  • Burkni, the In-fence-ible, by Mary Gleason
  • North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC), by Cindy Miller
  • Finding the Right Saddle: A saddle saga, by Robin Near
  • The Foxtail Episode, by Alys Culhane
  • Small Mesh Hay Nets!, by Nilla Ekstrom-Rypka
  • The Nibble Net Review, by Cindy Miller
  • Health Issues In Icelandic Horses, By Robin Near
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Close Encounters of the Moose Kind,by Alys Culhane
  • She Will Be Missed… The Long Life of Lilja frá Fitjamyri, by Julie Collins

May 2012 supplemental pictures-one
May 2012 supplemental pictures-two
May 2012 supplemental pictures-three
May 2012 supplemental pictures-four