2010 Newsletters

September 2010 Newsletter
In this issue:2010 September collage

  • Mandy Pretty Clinic, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Equitation with Bill Burke, by Bernie Willis
  • Bald Mt. Butt Buster Competitive Trail Ride, by Cindy Miller
  • Vickie and Hunar, by Vickie Talbot
  • It Isn’t The Horse, by Ginny Crawford
  • In Review, by Alys Culhane
  • Clicker Training, by Alys Culhane
  • Further Adventures in Clicker Training, by Fran Bundtzen

September 2010 supplemental pictures-one
September 2010 supplemental pictures-two
September 2010 supplemental pictures-three

April 2010 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Manadis, by Cindy Miller
  • Learning to Dance, by Susan Tilly
  • IcelandicRiding Clinic Instructors, Janet Mulder/Katelyn Barnette
  • Hunar, by Vickie Talbot
  • Southcentral Barn Tour, by Mary Gleason

April 2010 supplemental pictures