2009 Newsletters

December 2009 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Jolka, by Mariann Stoffel
  • Sand Colic, by Robin Near
  • Caribou Hunting by Horseback, by Kim Bowser
  • Jenna’s Journey, by Lois Rockcastle
  • Winter Riding: Some things to Consider, by Alys Culhane
  • Tolt to Vote: or Democracy in Action, by Mary and Erin Gleason

December 2009 supplemental pictures

Fall 2009 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Mandy Pretty Clinic, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Rescue, Rehab, and Reeducation, by Alys Culhane
  • Trail Course/Driving Clinic, June 7, 2009, by Alys Culhane
  • Kenai Beach Ride, by Kim Bowser and Ruth Hirsiger
  • Chena River Beach Ride, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Trail Ride at Robin’s, by Kaiya
  • Old Ridge Trail Ride, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Bolting: A Postscript, by Alys Culhane
  • Drynur and Kohlfaxi, by Mary Gleason
  • Kohlfaxi Goes to a New Home, by Mariann Stoffel
  • Drottning and Dynfari, by Lois Rockcastle
  • Vernon Clinic ‘09, by Susan Tilly
  • Gudmar Petursson Clinic, August 21-22, 2009, by Alys Culhane

Fall 2009 supplemental pictures-one
Fall 2009 supplemental pictures-two
Fall 2009 supplemental pictures-three
Fall 2009 supplemental pictures-four

Spring 2009 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Thank You Susan Tilly!, by Fran Bundtzen, Alys Culhane, Mary Gleason, and Theresa Harmon
  • Our New Alaska Icelandic Horse Association Website, by Pete Praetorius
  • New Club Member Kim Bowser and Old Club Member Undrun, by Kim Bowser
  • Meyla and Bastian, At Home in the Bush, by Miki Collins
  • Thoughts Regarding Horse Neglect, by Ruth Hirsiger
  • Bolting, by Alys Culhane
  • End of the Trail for Ofeigur, by Fran Bundtzen

Spring 2009 supplemental pictures-one
Spring 2009 supplemental pictures-two

February 2009 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • New Website for our Club!
  • Promoting but not Pushing the Breed, by Fran Bundtzen
  • How I Spent my Summer…Developing a Flying Pace!, by Mary Gleason
  • Lilja and Harpa Retire to Fairbanks, by Robin Marquiss
  • -25 F January 3, 2009, by Alys Culhane
  • +30 degrees, by Alys Culhane
  • Aldona and Suki, by Theresa Harmon
  • Breed Standards and Stereotypes: Is an Icelandic Horse the horse for you?, by Bernie Willis and Alys Culhane

February 2009 supplemental pictures