2008 Newsletters

Fall 2008 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Newsletter Expenses
  • Colony Days Parade, by Misty Circle
  • Thinking outside the Box, err Arena: A Report on Bernie’s Gaited Horse Clinic, by Alys Culhane
  • New Arrivals: Update on Meyla and Bastian, by Robin Marquiss
  • Guthingdur goes to Eagle
  • Randi Marks and Sannur
  • New Babies
  • My Travels with a Prins, by Theresa Harmon
  • Mandy Pretty TTEAM Clinic, July 27-30, 2008, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Seventy-Five Twenty-Five: More than a Theory, by Alys Culhane

Fall 2008 supplemental pictures-one
Fall 2008 supplemental pictures-two
Fall 2008 supplemental pictures-three

Spring 2008 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Embrace the Icelandic Passion for Speed, by Mary Gleason
  • Iditatolt – March 2008, by Bernie Willis
  • Trailering Ms. Raudhetta or No Horse (shall be) Left Behind, by Alys Culhane
  • Meyla’s Journey, by Julie Collins
  • Artificial Insemination Anyone?

Spring 2008 supplemental pictures-one
Spring 2008 supplemental pictures-two
Spring 2008 supplemental pictures-three

January 2008 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Fairbanksans on a Palmer-Wasilla Barn Tour, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Iceland, New York, Anchorage, by Bernie Willis
  • Siggi’s Story, by Alys Culhane
  • Book reviews by Alys Culhane: Easy Gaited Horses, Lee Zeigler, Storey Press and The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book, Linda Tellington-Jones (with Bobbie Lieberman) Trafalgar Press
  • Icelandics in the Palmer Colony Christmas Parade, by Misty Circle
  • Former Alaskan participates in the Cascade Club’s Winery Ride, As told to Fran Bundtzen by Robin Near

January 2008 supplemental pictures-one
January 2008 supplemental pictures-two
January 2008 supplemental pictures-three
January 2008 supplemental pictures-four
January 2008 supplemental pictures-five
January 2008 supplemental pictures-six