2007 Newsletters

Fall 2007 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Mandy Pretty, by Frances Bundtzen Clinic
  • Book review by Frances Bundtzen: Horses Never Lie and A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color by Mark Rashid
  • Rice Bran and the Older Horse, by Fran Bundtzen
  • Lost, by Miki Collins
  • Silfra, By Amelia
  • The Best Horse, Ever, by Alys Culhane
  • Thor’s Passing, by Alys Culhane
  • Tressa and Kaiya
  • Thor – Until We Meet Again, August 2001 – September 6, 2007, by Ruth Hirsiger
  • End of the Trail

Fall 2007 supplemental pictures-one
Fall 2007 supplemental pictures-two
Fall 2007 supplemental pictures-three
Fall 2007 supplemental pictures-four

Spring 2007 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • It’s Sensational! by Susan Tilly
  • TTEAM Obstacles Focus Youth and Horses, by Mary Gleason
  • The Census Czar Speaks, by Alys Culhane
  • Retirement means more time for Horses! by Bernie Willis
  • The Importance of our Club – Making Connections, by Alys Culhane
  • Book review by Alys Culhane, Clicker Training For Your Horse by Alexandra Kurland
  • Compost Happens, by Alys Culhane