2006 Newsletters

Fall 2006 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • First Trip to Iceland
  • Clinic Tools for my Toolbox
  • Exciting News, Gratitude, and Plans for Next Summer
  • The Three Terrorists
  • An Older Horse Teaches a Returning Rider New Tricks
  • Notes from Jessica Kelsch on her Summer Riding Activities
  • Moving Beyond Stuckpoints: Reflections of a Clinic Participant

Fall 2006 supplemental pictures-one
Fall 2006 supplemental pictures-two
Fall 2006 supplemental pictures-three
Fall 2006 supplemental pictures-four

Spring 2006 Newsletter
In this issue:

  • Fireworks at the Bundtzens’
  • Fairbanks Barn Tour
  • Horses off the Grid
  • Teigur’s Great Alaskan Adventure
  • The Census Czar’s Story
  • Katelyn Barnett to Study at Holar
  • Pace Icelandics

Spring 2006 supplemental pictures-one
Spring 2006 supplemental pictures-two
Spring 2006 supplemental pictures-three