News From the Meeting!

This past Sunday December 9th, we had a meeting with members from the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage/Matsu Valley and Fairbanks. We met at each location for a christmas gettogether and enjoyed good company, conversations and a productive meeting using conference call to connect each group.

We talked about clinics for the comming summer, and clinicans like Steinar Sigurbjörnsson, Gudmar Petursson, Bill Burke and Alex Pregitzer was mentioned as possibilities, Lois Rockcastle was going to do some more research so if you are interested in any of the above please contact her the more interest she has the more likely the clinics are to happen.

Logo is ready to use at TNT Printshop in Anchorage, ph# 907-279-1466 if you are interested in ordering clothing or other items with AIHA logo on.

Raffle prizes to those who pay their membership in time, before February 15th 2013. To be raffled off at the April meeting, stay tune for the exact date. To Join our club please contact our treasurer Jeanette Willis.

We are also trying to complete a census of icelandic horses that lives in Alaska, and are looking for information about any icelandic horse currently living in the state, if you own one or know about one please contact Susan Tilly with the information.

This year we also had six icelandic horses and their owners participating in the Competitive trail ride in Palmer and they did all do very well competing with the larger horses.

Thank you for visiting our website and please check back for news and other updates on AIHA activities.


New AIHA website

Welcome to the new website of the Alaska Icelanding Horse Association, powered by WordPress.  With this move to a content management system we intend to provide up-to-date news and information relevant to our members and anyone interested in Icelandic horses in Alaska.

All of our old content presently remains available at our old site while content is being moved to this new site.