Alaska Icelandic Horse Association​​​

To preserve the uniqueness and integrity of the Icelandic Horse

Welcome to the Alaska Icelandic Horse Association

The association has members from all parts of our large state with larger groups in the Matanauska Valley, Fairbanks and on the Kenai Penninsula.  There are a total of somewhere around 150 Icelandic horses in the state.  We have members ranging from advanced riders to beginners but what we all have in common is the love for the Icelandic Horse.  Our members 
enjoy their horses in a large variety of ways from trail riding to showing, breeding, training, and driving.  Some have become certified Icelandic Judges and trainers and some developed their own breeding program.  All are willing to share information and horse keeping ideas, experiences that may be different from other climates and breeds.

The Alaska Icelandic Horse Assocation celebrated their 10 year anniversary in April 2011.  The Association was created based on our common interests and love for the Icelandic Horse.  Many horse owners in our large state ride and care for their horses by themselves daily and sometimes found themselves rather isolated.  Therefore the association was started with the idea to create a community of people with the same interest where we can share information and experiences relevant to our special breed and climate.

This is done through our newsletters and website where AIHA members' share stories, experiences, news and other valuable information.  We also try to gather a few times a year throughout the state for clinics, casual gatherings, trail rides and shows, where information and experiences about our lovely breed is shared, learned and taught.

Out mission statement is : To preserve the uniqueness and the integrity of the Icelandic Horse.

The objectives of AIHA are to promote the Icelandic Horse breed, educate its membership and the public about the breed, and provide an environment of support for owners and riders wherein they can enjoy the talents and characteristics of the Icelandic Horse.

The club was organized under the umbrella of the Unites States Icelandic Horse Congresss (
The main purpose of the club still remains as follows: enjoying and caring for our fuzzy, friendly and very unique little horses.  
Emails, phone calls, and snail mail is always welcome, information about our breed is happily shared by all our members.

Thank you for showing an interest in the Icelandic Horse,

Nilla Rypka,  past AIHA president